Mobile Applications

Smartphones are the fastest growing segment of the mobile phone market There are hundreds of helpful applications for clinical evaluation, financial management, continuing medical education, drug interactions, compendium resources and to view highlights of meetings they attend.

We provide custom mobile applications for following platforms
• RIM Blackberry®
• Apple iPhone®, iPod Touch® and iPad®
• Microsoft Windows® Mobile 7
• Google Android®
• HP/Palm®
iPad Applications by VerveTech

An interactive, 24/7 web-based portal to manage and streamline your entire speaker training process, including nominating, contracting, training, tracking, and certifying education.

This platform provides effective training in a compliant fashion at a fraction of the cost of live speaker training, while ensuring that physicians have been tested on key brand messages.

Over 11,000 Speakers trained since 2008

KOL Communication Portals

A state-of-the-art communication platform that provides brand marketers and managers with a health-care provider facing portal for delivering important information to their speakers, thought leaders or key opinion leaders, and investigators.

Event Management

Conduct smarter, compliant and efficient meetings using Our platform allows sales reps and brand managers to easily initiate events, search and book key opinion leaders, speakers, and advisory board members for upcoming events. It provides all the necessary tools such as organizing and tracking budgets, payments, contracts, and complete meeting logistics information.

Smarter Meeting Solutions

Virtual Advisory Board™

Conduct effective, targeted and compliant virtual advisory boards for a fraction of the price of in-person meetings. This platform, coupled with our experienced strategists and moderators, provides an invaluable service for any brand manager.

Compliant Virtual Advisory Board

Digital Patient™

This proprietary offering allows for multiple patient types to be shown sitting in a doctor’s office or in a hospital waiting room. When one particular patient type is selected by the viewer, the patient gets up and walks into the examining room where tests are taken, a diagnosis determined and various treatment options are presented.

The most appropriate therapy can be selected for each of your key patient types. This case-based-learning approach has been found to be engaging in a dinner meeting, detail or convention setting delivering proven changes in physician habits and attitudes.
Treat a Virtual Patient

Command Performance™

This presentation creation system allows the KOL presenter (or sales representative) to on-the-spot create a compliant promotional medical education slide presentation based on loading in the time allowed, number of people, and physician specialties represented in the audience.

The application automatically sorts through as many as a thousand slides and tailors an impactful brand presentation to the situation defined by the loaded parameters. This tailored presentation is appreciated by the audience and presenter and has been proven effective in changing habits and attitudes.

Presentation Creation System

Digital Commercial Exhibit™

If your key target physicians will not come to your commercial exhibit at major medical meetings, send your exhibit to them on a DVD or from your website! We will digitize your current exhibit or create an exhibit in virtual space. Your top salesperson will be featured in the digital exhibit guiding the target physician visitor through the booth while explaining the booth graphics and key brand messages.

If you have changes to your marketing messages, you need only change a few pixels not reconstruct a whole new booth. The same digital booth can be distributed to your physicians for all of your medical meetings.

Send Your Booth to Your Physicians

Digital Scientific Poster Hall™

Digitally capture all of your key scientific posters from a major medical meeting and then display the respective KOL author personally reviewing the key findings with the viewer. This brings the science to life and allows the KOL to add their unique personal perspective.

This offering has been found to be powerful in responding to unsolicited requests and, if the posters are within labeling, a very effective marketing tool to drive home key brand messages.

Bring the science to life

seZmo™ - Coming Soon!

seZmo™ is a revolutionary new approach to presentation delivery. It's the only presentation solution that allows you to deploy your presentations, manage them intelligently, share them securely and then measure the results.

Sezmo can revolutionize and simplify the task of sharing PowerPoint presentations across the globe with any users. It is ideally suited for Sales Training, Speaker Training, Compliance Training, and Employee Training.

Providing a global reach to your presentations

eClinical Publication™

This engaging digital video offering features the KOL author of a major publication personally reviewing key findings with the viewer. The KOL video is indexed so the viewer can click to study objectives, full prescribing information, guidelines, mechanism of action, or other topics of interest.

Even if the original publication may have a problematic sentence or two, many clients have utilized a fully compliant eClinical Publication to create excitement, interest, and broad awareness of the positive brand findings of the publication to drive changes in physician behavior to improve patient outcomes.

Digital Video Publication Review