Who we are

Our approach is simple yet powerful. We partner with clients to uncover underlying problems in their systems or processes and provide tailored solutions to solve these problems.

Our core offerings include our proprietary Meeting Management Solution, proprietary Online Speaker Training Solution, mobile applications, creative solutions, multimedia, search, relationship marketing, and technology. Our Meeting platform (myMeetingSource.com) has been used by multiple clients to conduct thousands of meetings per year. In addition, we have trained over 11,000 speakers through our online speaker training platform (NationalSpeakerTraining.com).

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Digital Patient™

This proprietary offering allows for multiple patient types to be shown sitting in a doctor’s office or in a hospital waiting room. When one particular patient type is selected by the viewer, the patient gets up and walks into the examining room where tests are taken, a diagnosis determined and various treatment options are presented. The most appropriate therapy can be selected for each of your key patient types. This case-based-learning approach has been found to be engaging in a dinner meeting, detail or convention setting delivering proven changes in physician habits and attitudes.

Digital Scientific Poster Hall™

Digitally capture all of your key scientific posters from a major medical meeting and then display the respective KOL author personally reviewing the key findings with the viewer. This brings the science to life and allows the KOL to add their unique personal perspective. This offering has been found to be powerful in responding to unsolicited requests and, if the posters are within labeling, a very effective marketing tool to drive home key brand messages.

Virtual Ad Boards

Conduct effective, targeted and compliant virtual advisory boards for a fraction of the price of in-person meetings. This platform, coupled with our experienced strategists and moderators, provides an invaluable service for any brand manager.